Digital Water Fountain

Pixels that made from water drops!

The smart fountain is a system of controlled rain that can create innovative shapes, texts, designs, and views through its electronic nozzles. Messages or concepts can be recreated in this digital system in the form of sentences or words and be presented to the audience. This set can provide a wide range of colors in the form of lighting and turn into a beautiful scene of light, color, and movement.


Smart Fountain is an extremely attractive and beautiful element in interior design and urban furniture. Using and combining four miraculous elements of water, light, color, and sound, we have developed a system which has an incredible role in neutralization of coarseness and dailiness of public spaces and environments and giving them a modern identity. The system imprints exciting and memorable images on the minds of viewers by using drops of water. The fountain creates a melodious tone and unique images by using drops of water, as a new perspective for advertisement in modern world.

How The Digital Water Fountain Works :

Smart fountain is made up of a set of electric fountains that based on an application, turn water into tiny drops under pressure and high speed, each of drops acts as a pixel of an image.
The created images can be either Persian or English words, simple graphic pictures, water movement effects from right to left and etc. Lighting coupled with diverse colors makes the fountain even more beautiful.

The Digital Wter Fountain Can be made in custom sizes

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