Smart Solar Tree

Coordination between Green Energy and Environment

Smart Solar Tree is a type of self-sufficient structure that supplied its necessary energy via solar panels totally from sun light. This structure which is a completely independent system provides green energy for a wide range of services.

The product is a giant step in smartification of environment and production and supply of green energies.

In frequently visited places such as outside shopping centers, malls, and parks, there is a need for suitable place for sitting down and resting. Smart Tree is designed in a way that provides such a convenience, while offering a number of other options. For one thing, people can sit under the structure and using solar panel power outlets that get their energy from smart tree, charge their gadgets and electronic devices and also enjoy its wifi-hotspot.
Yet the other comforts include listening to music or radio, playing footage on its screen and also providing heat for heating the environment all through using solar energy.


Smart Solar Tree features:

This innovation can turn the city into an ever connected center to the Intenrent via using clean energy. Smart solar tree provides the power for LEDs at night and while it lightens the environment, it also beautifies the place in a stunning way.

Solar Panels:

Structures are designed out of photovoltaic modules for providing energy for smart tree. These panels are designed in a way that they have symbolic shapes such as leaves which have a special effect on the beauty of the system. These modules, enjoying a productivity of more than 21%, can provide for all of the energy needed by smart solar tree.

Fast and reliable Internet access:

Nearby each smart tree, users can easily get access to high speed Internet via wi-fi hotspot.

Security and control features:

Each of these structures is controlled using a 360 degree ultra-red goggles, and emergency buttons are also installed on its body.

Touch Screen:

Using smart screen and thanks to a beautiful and multilingual user connection, a wide variety of information and data can be presented to the public in which practical apps are also included.

Notice Board:

On the stem or body of each smart solar tree, certain space is provided for displaying various static messages including general information, commercial ads, or government notices.

Electronic Chargers:

Beautiful and comfortable seats are designed and placed near each smart tree for providing convenience and peace during battery charging and also for creating an extremely comfortable experience while web-surfing via free wifi-hotspot Internet connection.

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