Smart Tempescope

Raindrops under your house ceiling

In modern times, there are various ways in order to get weather reports including news programs, the Internet, and etc. that help us get information on weather before we leave home. But none of these ways is comparable with smart tempescope. Tempescope can simulate weather conditions physically within itself.

Using a modern box, we have been able to display weather conditions in a real way. Weathercast has the ability to display tomorrow's weather via tiny rain drops, forming clouds, and of course changing the color and lighting of the place.

Do you enjoy sleeping or studying while rain drops rattle on window? You can even set the intensity of rainfall to make it sound as a drizzle or seem is if it rains cats and dogs.

How does Smart Tempescope work?

Connected to weather forecast centers, the Weathercast receives the latest data on weather conditions and smartly simulates those conditions within its glass tank.

Therefore, if there is a rainy weather, rain drops are simulated and artificially formed within the weathercast and it starts to rain. Also, if it is cloudy, the tank starts forming clouds within, and yet if it is stormy, the thunderbolt simulator functions and using other weather elements, creates sort of stormy weather.

The Options of Smart Tempescope:

Weathercast can be set to display either today or tomorrow's weather. It can also display the weather conditions of other situations and you can imagine the weather of another location in your place.
Smart weathercast has a remote control and can also be set manually. Therefore, you are not forced to synchronize it with your environment's weather, and you can set it manually according to your desired mode or your daily mood.

The possibility of manufacturing Tempescope in different sizes

The Smart Tempescope can be manufacter in custom dimensions

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