Infinite Mirror

Step into infinity

You are in front of a mirror that upon activating its system in a real time way, you will be led into a different world.Standing in front of infinite mirror, you will get deeper and deeper inside, and would have a feeling such as standing in front of a hole with an infinite depth. The depth of the panel in front of you is a few centimeters, though. We invite you to experience feeling of geometric beauties and detailed depth of this product.


Infinite Mirror: Walk on the infinite

A brand new and dazzling product, for whose production, a set of optic and electronic techniques have been used, while RGB system has been utilized in its lighting which has the capability of presenting more than 16 million colors and has a remote control for managing the intensity of light and its color.

This board, which is made of a glass frame and surface with a thickness of 2–5 cm, can display a variable virtual dynamic depth based on optional parameters, which will attract each viewer. The product which undoubtedly acts as an attractive and beautiful decorator for commercial, residential, and exhibition environments, can be used in places such as the floor, walls, or ceiling of lifts and luxury malls,modern dance floors,exhibition stalls, dining tables of luxury restaurants, and etc.

The Smart Mirror Can be Manfacter in custom dimensions and it can be replaced instead of glasses surfaces.

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