Smart Mirror

Get connected to your digital world and enhance the efficiency of your daily routines.

Morning routines will not be monotonous anymore. Most of us usually look in the mirror before leaving home or attending a public place or meeting in order to check our appearance for the last time. But when technology steps in, this simple routine can turn into part of an efficient and active routine. We are talking about smart mirrors.

Through making mirrors smart, we have developed a new method for enhancing the efficiency and use optimum use of time. Smart mirrors can turn your home into a private digital center and can enable you to use your time more efficiently.


What is Smart mirror ?

Smart mirrors are a new generation of display screens which have been developed by Epeak Dadeh Gostar.co in Iran for the first time. The system which simply functions as a mirror when inactivate, smartly gets activated and in this mode, in addition to reflecting the image in front of itself, can display a host of infinite information and data including time, calendar, weather, events, news, and even cell phone notifications.

Smart mirror includes more than 130 smart modules including the capability of displaying neighborhood and nearby streets traffic in a precise way, displaying news headlines, air pollution level and etc. smartly. The mirror can be manufactured in various sizes and can be installed on any surface where glass can be installed, meanwhile it adds stunning beauty to your environment.

smart mirror features

Use as advertisement boards and screens:

Smart mirrors, while displaying their other smart options, can also be used as display screens for any advertisement including any text or logo, price lists, products, and etc. you like to advertise.
The possibility of displaying different images and messages on mirrors adds an amazing attraction to the environment which attracts the viewer and creates lasting images in their minds.
Also, there is the possibility of special designing of advertisement screens. Graphic design and programming of these display screens will be professionally done by the technical team of Epeak dadeh gostar company.

How modules work:

Google Smart Assistant:

One of the smart options embedded within smart mirrors is Google Smart Assistant. GSA is in fact a robot with a highly precise artificial intelligence that processes your request smartly and responds in a suitable way.

google smart assistant

Warning and Informing Capability :

This module displays the necessary warnings and informing including cell phone notifications, religious times for call to prayer, and etc. A welcome notice can be set to be displayed as you turn on the Smart mirror.

Clock Module :

This module is set to display date and time on the mirror and includes two modes of analog and digital and can display time in 12 or 24-hour format.

Logo and Image Module :

This module has the capability of displaying a logo or any image or photo depending on the needs of public and private organizations and bodies. The module can be set in terms of the size and location of the image on the mirror.

Movement Detection Module :

In addition to its very low power consumption, smart mirror can get inactivated when left unused for a while. In fact, when there is no one in front of the mirror, this module, through a movement detection sensor, sets the mirror on standby mode and the displayed data are faded away.

Calendar Module :

This module displays the events in coming days (occasions, holidays) on a calendar on the mirror and can be a combination of different calendars (Solar, Gregorian, etc.)

Advertisements and Quotations Module :

This module constantly displays a set of definitions and ads which can be used for advertising the organizations and institutes or for displaying occasion-specific messages, sentences, or quotes along with their real-time and online or simultaneous translations.

Newsreader Module :

This module, via internet connection, automatically gets connected to defined news websites and displays the daily news headlines in a classified way on the mirror. This module has the potentials to display the news stories precise release time and the relevant news channel.

Graphic Map Module :

This is a module including a map displaying geographical and traffic information of a favorite location. It can display the real time traffic data of the nearby streets of the location.

Prayer Call Time :

This module displays the Prayer Call Time according to the location and can play call for prayer. It also can be set to go off as an alert for prayer time.

Weather Report :

smart mirror weather reaport

This module displays the current weather conditions both inside and outside the place, along with some information such as wind speed, humidity, weather forecast of coming days, and etc. Smart mirror can be connected to air pollution monitoring stations and can display the pollution degree precisely.

Smart mirrors can be manufacter in custom dimensions.

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