Smart Vaio

Feathers that move on a breeze of light

Wind, the creator of life in rain clouds and death in storm, is one of the mysterious of Iranian gods. Vaio that refers to god of wind in ancient Iran, is a system of modern lightning in which beautiful feathers are moving due to wind blow, and present a beautiful and peaceful view to your place via special and smart lighting.


A Totally Localized Product:

The product which was first put on display in lighting exhibition of Lyon, is a kind of decorative accessories which has been manufactured thanks to the efforts of engineers at Dade Gostar Ipak company, in order to be used for decorating both roofed and open spaces. For designing this innovative and eye-catching product, a combination of the beauty of the irregular movement of feathers within a transparent pillar of wind tunnel and RGB lighting (including light spectra of 16 million colors) has been utilized. This innovative product, which has totally been localized, can be produced indifferent sizes, raw materials, and colors, matching the place.

Options of the Device:

The device is equipped with wireless remote control that can be presented via the apps of smart phones based on the order, so that, all modes of lighting and color can be controlled through them. Also, the devices can be synchronized if necessary.

Smart Vaio can be manufacture in custom dimesions.

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