Smart Nanoleaf

A Brand New Experience in Smart Lighting

Nanoleaf Light Panels are a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before.This modern lighting system, enjoying a smart combination of 16 million colors, creates amazing combinations of light for your place,and turn your home into a smart home

Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colors

Smart Nano-Leaf , in addition to lighting the place using a set of special and suitable colors, can boost your mood. This change of color happens automatically and spontaneously round the clock


Feel music with your eyes!

Smart Nano-Leaf using the added Rhythm Module with using the newsest protocols of internet of things , turns music into light on its panels. Playing music, you can have a unique experience of dancing light.

How do Nano-Leaf panels work?

These triangular panels can form different shapes through panel connections and joints, and can be easily installed on any smooth surface using the tapes on it. Finally, all panels get connected to the source as a series.

Smart Nano-Leaf has LEDs under its exterior layer that can turn into different colors. Customization of the program and controlling LED panels using Nano-Leaf smart software. Also, we can use Google Smart Assistant in order to control the gadget with our voice. Meanwhile, there is a button on the feeding panel which makes it possible to control the panel physically.

nanoleaf interior lighting mobile application modern lighting pad

Rhythm Module:

Immerse yourself in a symphony of light and rhythm by adding Rhythm Module to Nano-Leaf panels. This high-tech option, detects music via scanning noise and analyzing it, and turns it into beautiful beams of light. Nano-Leaf sets the environmental light smartly based on the type of music.

It will be updated Soon.

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